[Rules Must Read]


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    [Rules Must Read]

    Post  NuKeM on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:42 am

    =Microwave Mods Rules=

    - Please do not scam accounts.

    - Please do not spam the Forums/Vent.

    - Please do not pretend to be a staff member.

    - Please do not harass Staff/Players.

    - Please Flame/Rage only in the appropriate channels.

    - Please do not double post on the forums.

    - Please do not put in false reports about Staff/Players.

    - Please do not advertise for other forums, sites, etc.

    - Please keep vulgarity to a minimum and keep things friendly! Remember, this is a gaming community, and we're all here to have a good time!

    - Please use the provided forms for certain boards.


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